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“The Lecson equipment was one of the few examples of the maxim,                   If it looks good, it will sound good.” – John Atkinson, Stereophile

This site provides the history, product, performance, and repair information to complement the Lecson Audio Google Group, now over four years old with nearly 5,000 entries and members on six continents.  None of this would have been possible without them, as this website represents a collective effort from literally around the world.

On a personal note, my interest in Lecson piqued while visiting London in 1974 and picking up a copy of the old Hi-Fi Yearbook at the King’s Cross news agent.   Reading the book on the train, it was obvious that along with the Transcriptors and Gale folks there seemed to be a bunch of talented industrial designers making good looking audio equipment that was years ahead of the competition.   Lecson was clearly one of the best.

Lecson was featured in The Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition “British Design 1948-2012: Innovations in the Modern Age”.    Note that firms Lecson, Meridian, and Gale were all tied together in some manner back in the day.   You may be interesting in visiting our companion Gale site or reading some of Lecson member HP’s comments as well.

Lastly, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Stan Curtis for all his help, insight, writings, and patience associated with this group.   More importantly, I want to thank him for the thousands of hours of listening enjoyment he has brought to my family.




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16 Responses to Welcome to lecsonaudio.com

  1. Lothar says:

    Hi John,

    so another very stylish twin to the Gale site, where we hopefully find a “new home” including all the goodies we had stored at the old forums.
    Thanks for a great job, and as I said a while ago:
    We just might declare you to be “Sir John” from now on!
    Sounds good, doesn’t it ?

  2. houstonchris0001 says:

    Leaving a comment, as requested. Thanks for maintaining this site!

  3. Lothar says:

    Hi John,

    NO prob to log in !

    Hope you won’t miss all spams in future? ;) ))


  4. gimbers says:

    Hello All. Just joined the group after the Google Group wouldn’t let me! I work for a Residential Technology Integrator in Wimbledon. We are Meridian Premium Partners. I was up at Meridian in Huntingdon on 9/9/13 and saw my first Lecson in their ‘museum’ at the factory. Immediately loved the look of it. I am the sucker that bought the recent set on eBay (on 25/10/13) that Lothar noted on the Google Group. The AC1 & AP3 just arrived yesterday, but I am yet to set it up. Serial 1016-24 and it looks like the PU2 input was modified in 2003 for a modern CD input. Can’t wait to get it going. My Rega Planar 3 will go in PU1 & Sonos in PU2.

    Can I kick off with a question though?
    I will not be using the AP3 for the time being, but a pair of Heed monoblocks. Looking at the manual and your informative posts, on the AC1 8 pin DIN pre out, pin 7 is R, pin 1 is L and pin 4 is ground. So if I wanted to make a DIN – phono lead (pretty handy with a soldering iron, even if I do say so myself) for preamp to poweramps I would be using those three pins? Do I need to cut the two links shown in Fig 13 of the instruction manual? If I leave them alone, will I just be getting half the volume? Not sure what to do with them…

    Any thoughts gratefully received (and photos to follow)…

  5. timinator2 says:

    Like gimbers, I too was not admitted into the L.A.G.

    I am prepping an ac1/ap1 pair for sale and have some rudimentary questions (can I mod a 5pin midi cable with rca’s for line level input, anyone have a drawing and a source for the power amp perspex top plate – don’t know if I want to fabricate my own) I’m sure I may find these answers contained within. I am a fan and I am already looking for another setup, even though this one hasn’t left the nest yet!


  6. dcb2012 says:


    I am renovation my AP1 AC1 but of curse have lost the interconnect cable. Are they still obtainable?? Appreciate any help

  7. dcb2012 says:

    Brilliant will await a contact name, amny thanks, the problem has been the offset 90º DIN

  8. sbv3000 says:

    hi there, great to see this site. I have an original AC1 and AP1X that I purchased in 1975. good to see how these devices are still out there and have a following and that people like apple are stealing the design concepts :)

  9. chrisfound says:

    Another site where staff do not read the feedback, I have to service three (yes 3) Lecson integrated amplifiers and need service information.
    No one has anything on this, not even the support for the product.

    My last chance before they get scrapped


  10. jkmarsh says:

    Hi there guys. Just movrd house and got what sounds like a mains buzz instead of left channel. Any thoughts and anyone out there can repair. Thanks for any pointers you can give for my ac1 ap3 combo



  11. dcb2012 says:

    I am still searching for an interconnect cable …….help!

  12. tobifix says:

    Is it possible to get a new plexi cover for the AC1 .Ore is there a market for this parts,So
    I can tray to make some new.


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