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These are the known highest prices paid to date for Lecson equipment.  Admittedly an AP4 sale would likely go higher, but we’ve never seen one for sale!

Please use this area to list any items you may have for sale.  Members only please.



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  1. Lothar says:

    So here we go with the first AC1 and AP1 duo!
    Sold untested, meaning: either working perfectly, OR if the buyer is unlucky it is trashy and he has to invest quite a bit more to get it working!
    Whoever buys it: Good luck!


    • Lothar says:

      Back to normal !!!

      Sold for £ 257. Which is a BIG contrast to silly sales, where just one of the two sold for 275 pounds. Both together have been sold for between £ 250-300 over the last 11 years, and this is good I think. Like this more Lecson lovers have a chance to get what they want, without having to pay moon prices.


  2. Vas L says:

    Hi: looking for a mint AC1 Preamplifier preferably in the States.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  3. Matthew says:

    Lecson FM1 Tuner, AP3 power, and AC1 Pre… On eBay now – No reserve:


  4. paul simson says:

    Hi there everyone, i was wondering if anyone can help me identify some speakers, they were used along with a Lecson AP1x / AC1 set up, these got sold but the speakers didn’t. They are wooden in colour and 22″/56cm tall x 12 1/2″/32cm wide x 10″/26cm deep. There are no badges or markings on the front grills or on the back of the speaker box. The sub speaker is 10″, it also has a small speaker up the top on the left and below a tweeter. On the back of the sub it says SEAS made in norway SL-P770 / 25F EW 8ohm 49178. If anyone can help please email me and i can send over some pictures. Many thanks Paul.

  5. petewilson says:

    Just checking my new-found lecson membership…
    Greetings, all, and thanks John for all the hard work…

    – Pete

  6. chrisfound says:

    I have a problem, I have a lecson integrated on my bench but cannot find the service you so proudly advertised.
    Please advise
    Chris Found

    • emmaco says:

      Hi Chris.

      You may have our Lecson site confused with another one. We don’t provide service, merely information.

      If you can tell us your location and which model you have, we may be able to help you.


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