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  1. karen says:

    where can i find a manual for Lecson AVR-950

  2. tupebakil3 says:

    Hi there. Sorry for being late in response. The MSRP will be wowrdlide US $ 3,299.- excl sales tax for the EL34 version. KT88 and KT120 pricing to be announced later on. We are very excited about what we feel is the very best PrimaLuna value in integrated amplification till today. Based on the Award Winning designs of the DiaLogue Two integrated amplifier and the DiaLogue Three preamplifier, plus much, much more added … Production will start immediately after CES 2012. Before I leave for CES 2012 I hope to be able to list all features of this new PrimaLuna Prince. Thank you for your interest and enthousiasm!Herman van den Dungen

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