HL1 Speaker

This most unusual corner mounted horn loaded three way speaker was introduced in 1974.   Horn loading is an effective way to increase the acoustical output of a speaker and in turn demands lower amplifier power ratings, thus making the HL1 well suited to the AP1 power amplifier.

The high frequency driver of the HL1 is pivotable, able to be redirected to the prime listening area.




Stan Curtis writes,

“The HL1 was very popular because of its efficiency and attractive styling but it used bought-in drive units which went out of production in 1974 and soon after the product ceased to be manufactured.”






Member GP writes,

“Room placement is quite important to the sound, if you block off the
sides the bass horns won’t work    They have a forward balance and,
compared to modern speakers, quite a rolled off bass, but on the other hand they
are very dynamic and go loud easily off not much power.  They are also
very customisable – you can replace both the cloth cover and the top
panel (which is loose).”


Speaker laying on its side. Two bass drivers tucked in behind wool damping material.  Speaker is laying on its side. 




 Internal crossover with iron core coils.








Midrange horn and swivelling bolt.  Note the Eagle tweeter in the lower right corner.




Eagle tweeter in situ







Midrange driver boxed in foam 






Speaker bottom including connection terminals 







Rear view








Audax bass drivers








Bass section 









Tweeter and Midrange horns with crossover



Reference Material

HL1 Brochure

HL1 Review – Gramophone


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  1. I should NEVER have sold mine. Needed the space all those years ago. Ho bloody hum.

  2. Niels says:

    Hello everyone, I got a rarely used set of HL1 speakers still in the original box. One is missing a tweeter. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks.

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